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Work on this Number before you Purchase a Home

Are you in the early stages of purchasing a home, especially in the sought after real estate market like Dr Phillips?  There is some thing you can do now that will save you thousands of dollars in future monthly mortgage payments. . . increase your credit score!  I know many times we can’t bare to look at it, maybe we remember a missed payment or two or that once in a lifetime experience of co signing for another person on a car but take that first step and get your report.

You can now get a Free report at, a free report annually to see where your numbers are and what you can do to improve it.  The first step is looking at the good, bad and any ugly of your credit report to see if there are any blatant errors.  CBS News reported last year that 4 out of 5 credit reports had errors.  Go through your free credit report carefully to see if you have any miss information that you can correct.  It’s better to do this now than during the loan process.

How do you correct any errors?  File a dispute with the  credit reporting agency that provided the report and error(s).  There are 3 ways to dispute error(s), in writing, over the phone or online with the later being the fastest.  Include your full name and address with a statement telling the reporting agency to investigate the error(s).  Include the item in question along with account number, reason why you believe it is incorrect and provide copies of supporting documentation if you have any.

Be patient and continue to pay your bills on time and please do not try the quick fix scams that don’t work.  Doing this in advance will put you in a better position once you start your mortgage financing and then right into your dream Dr Phillips home!